• Private Treks & Tours :

Personalization is the key in our work with clients at Morocco Shiny Days. All our Hiking Tours & Day Tours are private and customized, moreover, based on your interests, destinations, time and budget. We tailor tours for you and you only. If you’re not sure where to start your travel to Morocco, we offer a list of suggested tours and excursions that are popular with our guests. The tours published on our site are just starting points to ignite your imagination. Every tour can vary in length from one day to several weeks and can begin and end in any major Moroccan cities, mainly Marrakech, closest city to the Atlas Mountains :

Sample of Treks That You can Email us to get  Full Details :

  • Toubkal & Mgoun Trek  9 Days
  • Toubkal and Sea Trek  6 Days 
  • High Atlas Challenge Trek  8 Days
  • The 4 High Peaks of the Atlas Mountains 7 Days
  • Peaks and Passes of the Atlas Mountains  7 Days 
  • Peaks and Dunes Trek of 8 Days
  • Trek – Bike and Cook in the Atlas 6 Days 
  • Photography Trek of 6 Days 
  • Mue Ride Trip of 5 Days 

We also Help Planning and Leading Scouts and School Trips – 10% off is offered!

Note: You Can also Chat with Us Via Whatsapp or Viber to Our Number: +212656340274