Our - Knowledge And Experience

We all know travel is a demanding business and for over 20 years experience, we have led the way in creating the very best travel experiences throughout Morocco. When it comes to planning and executing your trips, there is no substitute for this knowledge and technical know-how. You are spending your hard-earned money to visit an unfamiliar country and it would be irrational to take a risk by choosing a company with no knowledge and experience.

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Our - Responsibility And Ethics

Active Treks Morocco .TB  believes in responsible tourism. We practice and promote sustainable and ethical tourism wherever we go. We take care of our delicate relationship with nature and local community people and work for its protection and development.

Our - Quality And Best Available Prices

We plan the treks, the way you want. Your satisfaction is our priority! We take care of your needs, specifications and expectations. We even organize private trips and offer the packages in the most reasonable price but quality is something we always look up for. Our services are of exceptional quality and compromise with the quality is a big No. We assure you that you will find our services worth it.