Trek Kit List

Clothing & Foot wear and More :

Mornings can be cold. However once the sun has risen the reflection off the snow can make it feel warm although there may well be a cooling wind on the more exposed faces and tops. The Toubkal mountain refuge has a fire but it doesn’t have much effect on the large open seating area and the bedrooms can be cold so a good sleeping bag is recommended.

Base Layer – Preferably a synthetic wicking layer with a long sleeved top and long-johns.
Fleece Jacket or Windstopper
Down Jacket – This is not mandatory but if you have one (or have the budget for one) then it is recommended that you bring it.
Underwear – Preferably synthetic as they dry quicker.
Trousers – Fleece or synthetic / nylon or polyester. Avoid cotton they absorb moisture easily and thereby have a cooling effect.
Waterproofs – Breathable waterproof jacket that has a good hood. Waterproof trousers can be of lighter weight than the top – it is recommended that they have a long/full length zip so you can put them on whilst still wearing boots/crampons.
Headwear – Warm woolly hat, cap/sunhat.
Gloves – A pair of thin liners you can keep on the whole time if you need to. On top of this a pair of Windstopper gloves. Alternatively gloves that have a removable fleece liner. Mitts are also ok. Work on the layering principal rather than one thick pair.
Footware – Boots compatible with C1 crampons. Please take your boots to the shop with you when buying crampons to ensure a good fit. A pair of approach/trail shoes or sandals to wear at the refuge.
Full Length Gaiters


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