into the Berber Tribes Trek of 5 Days

into the Berbers Tribes Trek of 5 Days

Day 1: Amizmiz to Imzayn
Arrive at Amizmiz from Marrakech in the morning and set out towards the Anogal valley. We pass by the village of Ait Hamd and have lunch by the river facing the village of Igordan that’s on the top of the hill. After lunch, we carry on and get to Imzayn where we stay at a local Berber home, relaxing with a beautiful view from the rooftop. We spend the night in Imzayn. About 5 hours of inclined, but not steep, walking during the day.
Day 2: Imzayn to Lmedinat
We set out walking in the morning, going by the spring at Imintala, a beautiful valley system with a panoramic view of the river-bed and its green fields to both sides. We pass by the canyon and through the pine forest where we have lunch beneath the trees. After lunch, we pass by several villages until we finally get to the village of Lmedinat and arrive at a Berber home for more cultural experiences and accommodation for the night. About 5 hours of walking during the day.
Day 3: Lmedinat to Azgour
We go first up the valley to visit the village of Ait Dawd and have tea with a family there. We visit the mine area and come back to Lmedinat, eat lunch at the house then head down to the village of Azgour. We arrive at Azgour and stay again with a Berber family for the night. About 3 hours of easy walking during the day.
Day 4: Azgour to Tizgui
After setting out in the morning we have lunch at the trees in between villages. We head back to the valley that takes us to Tizgui. We arrive at the village of Tizgui for the night and stay with a local family there. About 5 hours of walking during the day, half of which is inclined and half is flat road.
Day 5: Tizgui to Amizmiz
We head out for about 3 hours of mostly flat walking alongside the river-bed. Get to Amizmiz for lunch and then get transport back to Marrakech

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