Atlas Day Treks

Day walks from Marrakech or your Stay in Imlil (Tagadirte Village) 

while you are based in imlil you can choose to do a day trek from your stay to Explore the Atlas Mountains and its stunning views :

Option 1 : Tizi n Tamatert Walk from Imlil:

A stunning and gentel walk to the est of Imlil towards Tizi n’Tamaterte (2279m) will take you to see the most typical valley in the high atlas mountains, which Imnane valley, several berber villages and also a spectavulaire view of the high atlas mountains, lunch on the pass & a break before going back to the Tagadirte house.

Option 2 : Tasghimout Plateau Walk from Imlil

West of imlil is also beautiful and atractive, 2h50 walk uphill to Tizi Mzik to get a nice view above Imlil valley & Azzaden valley, lunch on the pass & a break before going back to the Tagadirte house.

Option 3 : Imlil – Imnane Valley – Aguerssioual-Imlil

.Setting out along a piste for a hike towards the east up to the Tizi n’Tamatert (2272m) and on through fields of wheat and orchards of walnut, apple and cherry trees until you reach the village of Tamatert (1810m). Once through the village take a path which then leads up through pine and juniper woods; stop at the Tizi to admire the Imlil and Imenane Valleys, the latter with its many terraced Berber villages tucked precariously on to the slopes stretching around you. All along with Adrar n’Oukaimeden (3268m), almost as high as the Rockies, on the southern horizon, with the high peaks of the Tizi n’Eddi (2928m) and the Jbel Angour (3616m) also looming down.

Continue the hike along the Tamatert Valley slopes until you reach the location for your field picnic at Amghedoul, surrounded now on all sides by the Toubkal Massif range. Once refreshed, set off back to the Douar Samra, first towards the oldest Berber village in this once-remote area, Tacheddirt, then via Ouaneskra and the other side of the Valley, passing through the villages of Tamegguist and Tinghourine with the stark Jbel Bou Iguenouane (3882m), Tizi n’Likemt (3615m), Aksoual (3842m) and the Azrou n’Tamadot (3664m) until a welcoming return to your berber accommodation in Tagadirte village.

Option 4 : Chamharouch Shrine and Toubkal valley Trek

Great day trip , Follow the foot track of the pilgrims who walk up from Imlil on the ranted Mules to the shrine of Chamharouch is a name of the sultan of the jinns (King of Devils) as the local people saying .
The Mountain Guide will peak you up from the start point in Imlil or Hotel and walk through Berber villages and valleys up into the heart of the High Atlas ( Adrar n’Dern ) to nice rocky trail head village of Imlil ( 1740 m) it is a great setting off point for many different treks and Toubkal peak, after the visit return back to village of Aremd where you can enjoy a cup of mint Tea .